Vision and Goals

In order to go from stuck in a job where you feel unhappy, unappreciated and unmotivated to you get to work from home, travel more and spend more time with the kids, you have to have a vision and set goals towards your vision daily.

Dr. Gail Matthews did a study and found that “you become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a regular basis.” Are you putting pen to paper?

God says in Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” It’s important to get clear on your true desires and dreams so that you can map out a plan of ACTion to be implemented on a daily basis.

There are 8 areas of life that you have needs for i.e.

Financial (The income that you are currently earning)

Spiritual (Your relationship with God)

Emotional (Your relationships with husband, children, family)

Vocational (Your current job to earn a living)

Mental (Education, inspiration, self-development, self-growth)

Physical (Any physical activities that will boost your health i.e exercise, making healthy food choices, mindset around how you see yourself and your body.)

Charitable (Contributing to your community and those in need)

Social (Friendships, self-care, lifestyle)


Action step 1:

In order to have a clear vision, you have to ask yourself a few questions and answer each question with each of these areas in mind. Write them down in your journal.

  • What does my ultimate life look like?
  • What do I want my life to look like 6 months from now?
  • What is truly important to me?
  • What example or legacy do I want to leave behind?
  • What does being rich mean to me?

Here is an example of my answers to question 1 (What does my ultimate life look like?)

Financial: I earn $1 000 000 per year working fewer hours and working from home.

Spiritual: I spend time with God on a daily basis by reading the bible and praying several times a day.

Mental: I’m free from stress, I’m happy, I’m joyful and find peace plus gratitude in all I have.

Emotional: I have a loving and open relationship with my husband and I have honourable, obedient children who get compliments from everyone around me.

Vocational: I get to work from home, working fewer hours doing what I love. I help the entrepreneur-hearted mom create the freedom lifestyle so that she gets to be more present for her children.

Physical: I get to exercise every day for 30 min and this already puts me into GO mode.

Social: I get to go on holidays with family and friends when I desire. I’m not bound by the number of days leave per year. I get to work and have a holiday from anywhere in the world.

Charitable: I get to donate money and time to NGO projects helping children in foster care.


Action step 2:

From these questions write down 3 major visions for each of the 8 areas of your life.

Example of my 3 major visions:

Vision 1: I want to help 1000 moms create successful businesses by 2020.

Vision 2: I want to inspire these women to believe in themselves so that they work harder on themselves than any other area of their life so that they can be unusually successful.

Vision 3: I want these moms to find God and build an unbreakable relationship with Him so that they can prosper in all areas of life.


Action step 3:

From the answers in action step 2, you have to break it down into smaller easily achievable chunks, to beat overwhelm. You do this by taking baby steps first that will ultimately help you achieve the major vision.

Take time on a Sunday to map out the 3 major goals that you want to have achieved for each of the 8 areas of your life. Plan them in weekly increments. God will not give you more unless you can be trusted with what you already have.

Here is an example of my week’s goals:


  1. Calculate my numbers.
  2. Plan marketing for the week that is valuable
  3. Go over financials to ensure payments come in and out.
  4. Plan weekly financial goals for the month and work out a strategic plan to achieve these goals.


  1. Pray and read the bible daily. Find passages that are relevant to the above topics. Pray and ask God to lead the way.


  1. Spend an hour with each of my children daily to find out about their needs and what happened in their day.
  2. Spend 2 hour couch time with hubby alone just talking about the day and what’s happening in his life.


  1. Spend the Saturday or Sunday with some family members to keep in touch and touch base with what’s happening in their lives. In the end, we only have each other.
  2. Plan time with close friends and have them over for dinner.


  1. Spend at least 20 min a day journaling about what I’m grateful for, why I feel rich, what didn’t go so well this week, what did I achieve this week.
  2. Journal about what brings me joy.
  3. Take a bubble bath at least 1x this week and just breathe.


  1. Do 3x facebook lives this week on the valuable content that will help my ideal client make better decisions towards her dreams.
  2. Write a blog post on this valuable content.
  3. Write a newsletter that takes my ideal client to the blog post.
  4. Do Instagram stories about these topics


  1. Do 30 min of body weight exercises per week.
  2. Jog 3 times a week for 30min (take the dog with for some exercise too)


  1. Declutter 1 room per week and throw out old clothes, shoes, toys etc that isn’t in use anymore.
  2. Donate to those in need.


Action step 4:

Take stock at the end of each day to tick off what you have achieved. Don’t beat yourself up about the goals you didn’t achieve, life happens too. Make a “not done yet” list and on Sunday reincorporate it into your goals plan. Consistency is key.

Enjoy the journey, embrace the struggle and have gratitude for each learning opportunity you are presented with. Each circumstance, each occurrence happens for a reason. The quicker you become aware of the lesson to be learned the faster your success will happen.

Download my Master Your Mindset Tool here. Mindset is what holds most of us back from going for our dreams. So take time and change this way you see and think about things.

Much love




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  1. Wendy on December 18, 2018 at 4:20 am

    Very nicely done, thank you for sharing!

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