5 Steps To Master Your Mindset

I work with the beginner or struggling female entrepreneur. The number one thing that might hold you back is your mindset. You might be struggling with low self-confidence, imposter syndrome and poor thinking patterns. Meanwhile, you have God-given talents that get suppressed by your fears.

Working with me will stop you from giving up. I can help you see your true potential and discover your true purpose! The first steps to take is to Master Your Mindset.

Here are 5 steps to Master Your Mindset today! This has helped me go for my dreams of becoming a coach and I totally love serving other women using the same steps.


Step 1: Your ULTIMATE dream 

When was the last time you actually sat down and visualised your ultimate life? Think back to your childhood. What was your big childhood dream?

Look at any child under the age of 5. They are fearless, persistent and know exactly what they want. They will do anything to get it. And as you grow up, through the conditioning from your environment you adopt a certain way of thinking and making decisions. You don’t believe that your dreams are achievable because of all the obstacles in the way. It’s simply easier to listen to everyone else’s negative opinions, instead of following your heart. Because it’s safer and secure.

I dare you to dream BIG again! Find your Ultimate hairy scary dream. And just go for it! Write this goal down and place it somewhere where you can see it every day. Read it out loud to yourself every morning after waking up and before sleeping every night.

Step 2: Your BIGGEST fears

What is fear?

False Evidence Appearing Real.

Yes, when a snake is hissing at you and is ready to strike you must be very afraid, even run! But most fears are well-planned lies you keep narrating in your head. It’s like a horror movie that you keep going back to.

Start becoming aware of the way you talk to yourself on a daily basis. Do you say things along the line of “I can’t do this!” or “what will they think?” or “I will never be good at this.” These well-planned lies are called limiting beliefs.

Start journaling on your fears. Write each one down as they pop in your head! This will help you become aware of your fears. Ones you are more aware of the lies, you can immediately stop yourself and change that thought trail right there and then.

Step 3: Decide to change TODAY 

Go for your dreams!

Do yourself a favour and watch Mel Robbins’ 5-second rule here:


This interview will change your life!

Everything in life is based on decisions. With the conditioning from your childhood i.e. what your parents said about a situation you were in or a person you were friends with or a dream you believed was possible, shaped the way you think today. These thought patterns are then imprinted in your brain and you will stop yourself from going for your dreams, because of the risk:parent: habit ratio. Ones you have a difficult decision in front of you that is too risky, you hesitate. Why do you hesitate? Because of what your parents said and you adopted your parents’ way of thinking. This has become a habit and now you hesitate because it’s too risky.

Go and write what bad habits you have adopted and rewrite them into positive habits. Then take action to implement the positive habits daily. Apply the 5-second rule when the going gets tough in changing bad habits. Tip: Do this every day for 30 days!

Step 4: CELEBRATING your wins


As humans, we don’t celebrate ourselves enough. We have been conditioned to believe that we are vain if we focus on ourselves. The small wins are what keeps us going! Focus on the small things and this will create the big wins in the long run. Prove to God that you can be trusted with what you have currently and He will prosper you in the future!

At the end of every day before bed, do some journaling. Reflect on the day and write down your wins using bullet points.

  1. What have you achieved for that day that you are proud of? (Start the sentence with I have achieved….)
  2. What are you grateful for? (Start sentence with I am grateful for….)
  3. What haven’t you achieved for the day? (Start sentence with I haven’t completed this because….)
  4. Rewrite the goals you didn’t achieve into smaller more manageable goals. (Start the sentence with I will do….)

Step 5: Self-care



When was the last time you did something for you? This can be anything from buying your favorite piece of jewelry or soaking in the bath with candles and bath salts etc.

As a woman and mother, you tend to put yourself last because you are always so busy taking care of everyone around you. But you can’t really take care of others if you don’t take care of YOU first.

There is a child who has stuck his finger in the plug and got badly electrocuted because the wiring of the house was done wrong.  What should you do first?

Do you immediately pull the child away from the plug or do you run and switch off the electricity? You run and switch off the main power first, otherwise, you will also be electrocuted. Now, who is going to help the both of you? So if you don’t take care of you first, you will have burnout and everyone around you suffers too!

Go and explore what you are willing to do in all areas of your life and what not. Say NO to the things you aren’t willing to do and set clear boundaries.

If you want to explore these steps further download the Master Your Mindset Toolkit below.

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Learn to Master Your Mindset with these 5 easy steps

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